Datesort ascending Title Publication Pay/Free
8/2011 US Interactive Marketing Forecast, 2011 To 2016 Forrester $
8/2011 Personas Require Regular Updates Forrester $
7/2011 How Listening Informs Campaign Management Forrester $
7/2011 Fans, Friends, and Followers: Social Media in the Retailers' Marketing Mix The Journal of Applied Business and Economics Free
7/2011 Updated 2011: Use Social Media To Boost Your TV Audience Forrester $
7/2011 Case Study: Dell's Social Media Listening Command Center Builds Customer Relationships Forrester $
7/2011 Get Control Of Financial Services Social Marketing Forrester $
7/2011 Become A Social CMO Forrester $
7/2011 Better at Life Stuff: Consumption, Identity, and Class in Apple’s “Get a Mac” Campaign Journal of Communication Inquiry $
7/2011 Branding over Internet and TV Advertising Journal of Promotion Management $
7/2011 How To Measure The Brand Impact Of Paid Search Forrester Free
7/2011 Tourism TV Commercials: A Delicate Balance Between Aural and Visual Information Load Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing $
7/2011 Are Events Dead? Not If You're A Tech Buyer Forrester $
7/2011 The Five Ways Interactive Marketers Should Use Social Data Forrester $
7/2011 Engage Women With Personal And Relevant Social Interactions Forrester $
6/2011 Crowdsourcing Gains Legitimacy For Advertisers Forrester $
6/2011 Impact of radio advertisements on buying behaviour of urban commuters International Journal of Retail & Distribution Managemen $
6/2011 Marketing Essentials: Management Guide to Digital Marketing 2.0 Gartner $
6/2011 Mixing advertising and editorial content in radio programmes International Journal of Advertising $
6/2011 Brand And The Impact For eBusiness Forrester $
6/2011 Use Surveys To Measure The Brand Impact Of Interactive Marketing Campaigns Forrester $
6/2011 Social CRM: How a $5,000 Investment in Social CRM Yielded $440,000 in Sales Gartner $
6/2011 How Well Does Advertising Work? Generalizations from Meta-Analysis of Brand Advertising Elasticities Journal of Marketing Research $
6/2011 Marketing To Millennials: The Next Generation Of Purchasing Power Forrester $
5/2011 Use Social Media To Boost Your TV Audience Forrester $