A key marketing goal is to reach consumers at moments that most influence their decisions. Whether using television, radio, direct mail, or digital to connect with customers, understanding when in the buying process consumers are open to influences is crucial to maximize the effectiveness of each marketing channel. This page contains research about when consumers’ absorb, retain, or act on various media types or how they can be optimally combined to yield the greatest return on investment for the marketer.

Customer Journey Research

Datesort ascending Title Publication Touchpoints Pay/Free
3/2013 Case Study: Emirates Uses Customer Journey Maps To Keep The Brand On Course Forrester Report $
3/2013 Using the customer journey to road test and refine the business model Strategy & Leadership $
2/2013 The Eight Building Blocks of CRM: Data and Information Gartner $
2/2013 Emerging Touchpoints Require A Marketing Mind Shift Forrester $
12/2012 Neuromarketing: Understanding Customers' Subconscious Responses to Marketing Technology Innovation Management Review Consideration Free
11/2012 Advertising effects vs. consumer consciousness - Results of an empirical study Periodica Polytechnica. Social and Management Sciences Free
8/2012 Rapid e-learning puts Canon sales team in the picture Training & Management Development Methods $
7/2012 How To Get Value From Customer Journey Maps Forrester Report $
6/2012 Customer experience modeling: from customer experience to service design Journal of Service Management $
6/2012 Return on relationships: conceptual understanding and measurement of mutual gains from relational business engagements The Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing $
5/2012 Making The Case For Interactive Attribution In Your Organization Forrester Report $
5/2012 What To Look For When Hiring Consultants To Help With Customer Journey Maps Forrester Report $
4/2012 Customer Journey Mapping: What Is It For? Forrester Report $
3/2012 Is An Advertisement Worth The Paper It's Printed on? The Impact of Premium Print Advertising On Consumer Perceptions Journal of Advertising Research $
3/2012 EXQ: a multiple-item scale for assessing service experience Journal of Service Management $
3/2012 Bridging the gap between brand strategy and customer experience Managing Service Quality Consideration $
3/2012 Customer Journey Mapping as an Advocacy Tool for Disabled People: A Case Study Social Marketing Quarterly Awareness $
1/2012 How Does Social Media Contribute To Customer Experience? Let Us Count The Ways Forrester Report $
1/2012 Customer Journey: Driving income and growth in tough markets Martin Wright Associates Free
1/2012 The Customer Experience Index, 2012 Forrester Report $
1/2012 Augmenting Customer Journey Maps with quantitative empirical data: a case on EEG and eye tracking University of Madeira Free
12/2011 Customer experience quality: an exploration in business and consumer contexts using repertory grid technique Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science Consideration Free
6/2011 Brand And The Impact For eBusiness Forrester $
4/2011 Embedding Social Media Into The Marketing Mix Forrester Report $
4/2011 Storytelling Group - a co-design method for service design Behavior and Information Technology $