A key marketing goal is to reach consumers at moments that most influence their decisions. Whether using television, radio, direct mail, or digital to connect with customers, understanding when in the buying process consumers are open to influences is crucial to maximize the effectiveness of each marketing channel. This page contains research about when consumers’ absorb, retain, or act on various media types or how they can be optimally combined to yield the greatest return on investment for the marketer.

Customer Journey Research

Datesort ascending Title Publication Touchpoints Pay/Free
6/2015 Breaking Through the Noise Canada Post Free
6/2015 How to Determine the Role of Social Media in Your Customer's Journey Gartner $
6/2015 Enhancing the Value of Mail: The Human Response USPS OIG Awareness Free
6/2015 The Impact of Different Touchpoints on Brand Consideration Journal of Retailing Consideration $
5/2015 Technology Overview for Customer Journey Analytics Gartner $
5/2015 The Connective Tissue for CRM: Integrating the Three Pace Layers Across CRM Applications Gartner $
5/2015 Creating Optimal Customer Journeys with Programmatic Marketing WBR Digital Free
5/2015 Gartner's Seven Types of Customer Experience Projects Gartner $
5/2015 Mapping the Mobile Customer Decision Journey Mapping the Mobile Customer Decision Journey $
4/2015 Experience co-creation in financial services: an empirical exploration Journal of Service Management $
4/2015 Digital Advertisers Focus on Holistic Customer Experience eMarketer $
4/2015 Do Marketers Act on Data Insights? eMarketer Free
3/2015 Why You Need to Rethink Your Customer Self-Service Strategy Gartner $
3/2015 Build a Better B2B Customer Experience Program Gartner $
3/2015 Content Fitness Data Analysis PAN Communications Free
2/2015 What Are the Benefits of Marketing Automation? eMarketer Consideration Free
2/2015 Smart technologies for personalized experiences: a case study in the hospitality domain Electronic Markets $
2/2015 Personalisation along the customer journey Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing $
2/2015 The Private Life of Mail: Mail in the Home, Heart and Head. Royal Mail Free
2/2015 Fix The Data Problems That Destroy Your Customer Effectiveness Forrester Report Loyalty $
1/2015 Competing on Customer Journeys Harvard Business Review Loyalty Free
12/2014 The Bot Baseline: Fraud in Digital Advertising Association of National Advertisers Free
12/2014 The voice as a relationship milestone Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice Consideration $
12/2014 Transition From Search To Discovery Marketing Forrester $
12/2014 How Journey Maps Improve CX Measurement Efforts Forrester Report $