A well-crafted television or radio advertisement can be an effective way to announce a new product or service to a large audience or build a brand. TV and radio advertising lend themselves to entertaining approaches and creative storytelling. An effective TV or radio advertisement must be approached with a well-thought out strategy that considers critical elements such as repetition, simplicity, a strong call to action, and an enticing offer that encourages consumers to respond and interact with a company or organization. This page provides research about successfully using television and radio to build a brand or advertise to a global audience.

TV/Radio Research and Case Studies

Datesort ascending Title Document Source Publication Marketing Channel
5/2011 Use Social Media To Boost Your TV Audience Research Forrester Digital / Social Media, TV / Radio
3/2011 TV's Currency Conversion Research Forrester TV / Radio
3/2011 The Secret of Television's Success: Emotional Content or Rational Information? Research Journal of Advertising Research TV / Radio
1/2011 Digital Natives: The Generation That Music Product Strategy Forgot Research Forrester Digital / Social Media, TV / Radio
12/2009 The Role of TV Commercial Visuals in Forming Memorable and Impressive Destination Images Research Journal of Travel Research TV / Radio