A well-crafted television or radio advertisement can be an effective way to announce a new product or service to a large audience or build a brand. TV and radio advertising lend themselves to entertaining approaches and creative storytelling. An effective TV or radio advertisement must be approached with a well-thought out strategy that considers critical elements such as repetition, simplicity, a strong call to action, and an enticing offer that encourages consumers to respond and interact with a company or organization. This page provides research about successfully using television and radio to build a brand or advertise to a global audience.

TV/Radio Research and Case Studies

Datesort ascending Title Document Source Publication Marketing Channel
8/2014 Effectiveness of radio spokesperson's gender, vocal pitch and accent and the use of music in radio advertising Research BRQ Business Research Quarterly TV / Radio
7/2014 Harness The Power Of The Second Screen Research Forrester Digital / Social Media, Mobile, TV / Radio
6/2014 The Relationship of Persuasion Knowledge, Identification of Commercial Intent and Persuasion Outcomes in Advergames—the Role of Media Context and Presence Research Journal of Consumer Policy Digital / Social Media, TV / Radio
5/2014 Do Pleasant Emotional Ads Make Consumers Like Your Brand More? Research GfK-Marketing Intelligence Review TV / Radio
5/2014 Enhancing television advertising: same-language subtitles can improve brand recall, verbal memory, and behavioral intent Research Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science TV / Radio
2/2014 How Software Is Eating Video Ads And, Soon, TV Research Forrester Emerging Channels, Mobile, TV / Radio
1/2014 The Role of the Marketing Mix in Television Media and the Concept of “Consumer Audience” Research Economic Development TV / Radio
1/2014 Television Advertising and Online Search Research Management Science Digital / Social Media, TV / Radio
1/2014 Behind the Screens Research Marketing Insights TV / Radio
12/2013 Switching before the pitch: Exploring television channel changing before the ads even start Research Journal of Marketing Communications TV / Radio
11/2013 Can advertising influence the results of hedonic tests for food products? Research International Journal of Advertising TV / Radio
10/2013 The Competitive Impact of Targeted Television Advertisements Using DVR Technology Research International Journal of Advertising TV / Radio
10/2013 The Impact of Attentional Focus on Advertising Effectiveness: The Case of Congruity Effects Research International Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications TV / Radio
9/2013 Is There Room for Two Brands in One Advertisement? Research Journal of Advertising Research Digital / Social Media, TV / Radio
6/2013 What Works Best When Combining Television Sets, PCs, Tablets, or Mobile Phones? How Synergies Across Devices Result Research Journal of Advertising Research TV / Radio
6/2013 The Secret Sauce for Super Bowl Advertising: What Makes Marketing Work in the World's Most Watched Event? Research Journal of Advertising Research TV / Radio
5/2013 Using Internet Behavior to Deliver Relevant Television Commercials Research Journal of Interactive Marketing TV / Radio
3/2013 Second-by-Second Analysis of Advertising Exposure in TV Pods: The Dynamics of Position, Length, and Timing Research Journal of Advertising Research TV / Radio
3/2013 The Good News About Television: Attitudes Aren't Getting Worse: Tracking Public Attitudes toward TV Advertising Research Journal of Advertising Research TV / Radio
12/2012 Audience As Product: Identifying Advertiser Preferences Research Journal of Media Business Studies TV / Radio
12/2012 Sponsorship Disclosure: Effects of Duration on Persuasion Knowledge and Brand Responses Research Journal of Communication TV / Radio
11/2012 The relative performance of TV sponsorship versus television spot advertising Research European Journal of Marketing TV / Radio
9/2012 Sales effects of in-store radio advertising Research Journal of Marketing Communications TV / Radio
9/2012 Exploding the Legend of TV Advertising and Price Promotions Research Journal of Advertising Research TV / Radio
8/2012 Comparative Effectiveness of Radio, Print and Web Advertising Research Social Science Research Network Digital / Social Media, Print, TV / Radio