Email, social media, pop up ads and website banners ads are all key tools for a digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing is the promotion of products or services using one or more forms of electronic media to connect consumers to a company’s website.

Email is a trackable advertising communication delivered to an online address. Ads can be text only or contain images, videos, or links to other websites. If metrics show an email is not performing well, marketers can quickly make changes to the ad, product, or offer.

Social media marketing focuses on creating content that attracts a consumer’s attention and will encourage sharing across social networks. This form of marketing, which is relatively inexpensive, is driven by word-of-mouth, meaning it is earned media rather than paid media. As popular as it is, it is hard to quantify to what extent social media marketing actually contributes to a company’s profit.

Pop-up ads are a form of internet advertising used to reach on-line consumers as they search for a keyword or term. The goal is to capture the user’s email address for future advertising.

Website banner ads appear as on-line display advertising. The goal is to capture the company’s website by enticing the consumer to click on the banner ad, be linked to the site and provide email information.

This page contains research on how various digital channels are used to grab the consumer’s attention, drive traffic to a desired channel, and increase sales in today’s technologically driven society.

Digital/Social Media Research and Case Studies

Date Title Document Source Publicationsort descending Marketing Channel
10/2016 Motorcycle Manufacturer Uses Customer Feedback to Increase Engagement Case Study Digital / Social Media
10/2016 Car Dealership Uses New Buyer, Personalized Packet to Increase Loyalty Case Study Digital / Social Media
10/2016 Grocer Used Customer Data to Create Marketing Profile for Each Store Location Case Study Digital / Social Media, Direct Mail, Print
10/2016 Retail Company Notes Big Returns from Programmatic Postcard™ Case Study Digital / Social Media, Direct Mail, Emerging Channels
10/2016 Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Increased Company’s Sales Case Study Digital / Social Media, Direct Mail
10/2016 Online Retailer Finds Successful Campaign to Reach Email Unsubscribers Case Study Digital / Social Media, Direct Mail
10/2016 Interactive Technology Used to Improve Bottled Water Sales Case Study Digital / Social Media, Direct Mail, Mobile
2/2016 The race for relevance Total Retail 2016: United States Research 18th Annual Global CEO Survey, 2015 Digital / Social Media, Mobile
1/2015 FOLLOWERSHIP AND SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Research Academy of Marketing Studies Journal Digital / Social Media
1/2014 Moving Beyond Listening and Monitoring Social Media Marketing for Financial Services Research Accenture Digital / Social Media
1/2017 Digital Marketer Dilemmas (And the Solutions that Succeed) Research Ad Roll Digital / Social Media
8/2016 The Performance Advertiser’s Guide to Instagram Research Ad Roll Digital / Social Media
9/2011 Social Marketing Campaigns: Comparison of Social and Traditional Media Research American Dietetic Association. Journal of the American Dietetic Association Digital / Social Media
10/2014 Digital Junk: Food and Beverage Marketing on Facebook Research American Journal of Public Health Digital / Social Media
3/2013 Social Media: From Discovery to Marketing-A Primer for Lawyers Research American Journal of Trial Advocacy Digital / Social Media
6/2016 An Independent Study of Media Transparency in the U.S. Advertising Industry Research Association of National Advertisers Digital / Social Media
4/2016 State of Inbound Channel Marketing 2016 Research Averetek Digital / Social Media, Emerging Channels
8/2015 THE CHANGING FACE OF CO-OP: Digital Media Forges New Opportunities for Brand Managers Research Borrell Associates Digital / Social Media
4/2017 4 Steps to Boosting Your Email Marketing Strategy Research BounceX Digital / Social Media
4/2017 C-Suite Series: A Marketer's Guide to Behavioral Email Research Bouncex Digital / Social Media, Mobile
1/2012 The Britney Spears universe: Social media and viral marketing at its best Research Business Horizons Digital / Social Media
5/2011 Two hearts in three-quarter time: How to waltz the social media/viral marketing dance Research Business Horizons Digital / Social Media
7/2015 A marketing communications approach for the digital era: Managerial guidelines for social media integration Research Business Horizons Digital / Social Media
3/2012 If you love something, let it go mobile: Mobile marketing and mobile social media 4×4 Research Business Horizons Digital / Social Media, Mobile
12/2015 The Medium is the Marketplace: Digital Systems and the Intensification of Consumption Research Canadian Journal of Communication Digital / Social Media