Media channels are various media a marketer or a company uses to promote, sell and distribute its products or services. With so many choices available, deciding which channels to use and for what purposes can be challenging. This research and case study library contains key research that addresses the strengths of each media channel, how those channels can rise above the noise to provide a lift, the kinds of audiences each channel can research, as well as the value of using multiple media types in a marketing campaign.

Media Channels and Case Study Library

Date Title Document Sourcesort descending Publication Marketing Channel
6/2014 Which products are best suited to mobile advertising? A field study of mobile display advertising effects on consumer attitudes and intentions Research Journal of Marketing Research Mobile
9/2011 Marketers Need To Take Accountability For Creative Strategy Research Forrester Digital / Social Media
1/2014 Behind the Screens Research Marketing Insights TV / Radio
5/2016 Planning and implementing effective mobile marketing programs Research Business Horizons Mobile
2/2017 App Annie 2016 Retrospective — Mobile’s Continued Momentum  Research App Annie Mobile
9/2011 Marketing Essentials: Strategic Alternatives on How to Leverage Consumer Apps to Extend Brand Impact Research Gartner Digital / Social Media
10/2014 The Gross Rating Point Gets An Extreme Makeover Research Forrester Digital / Social Media, Mobile, TV / Radio
9/2015 Global Media Report 2015 Research McKinsey & Company Any Marketing Channel
2/2013 The Use of Social Media for Artist Marketing: Music Industry Perspectives and Consumer Motivations Research The International Journal on Media Management Digital / Social Media
7/2016 Real-Time Processes For Real-Time Social Marketing Research Forrester Digital / Social Media
9/2015 Reflecting a diversified country: a content analysis of newspaper advertisements in Great Britain Research Marketing Intelligence & Planning Print
3/2016 The L2RM Center Of Excellence Helps Build New Roles, Skills, And Structures For L2R Success Research Forrester Digital / Social Media
8/2015 Beacons for Retailers: Beyond the Hype Research eMarketer Any Marketing Channel
4/2017 The Enterprise Guide to Omni-Channel Marketing Research Loyalytics Any Marketing Channel
4/2015 Use This Formula to Focus Your Social Marketing Strategy Research Gartner Digital / Social Media
7/2015 Using Mobile Geoconquesting to Steal Customers From Competitors Research Gartner Mobile
7/2015 The role of digital channels in industrial marketing communications Research The Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing Digital / Social Media
5/2015 Executive Q&A: Five Key Questions To Kick Off Your Mobile Video Advertising Strategy Research Forrester Digital / Social Media, Mobile
4/2016 Mobile Advertising: It's Time To Get Personal Research Forrester Digital / Social Media
5/2013 The determinants of consumer behavior towards email advertisement Research Internet Research Digital / Social Media
8/2015 The State Of Retailing Online 2015: Marketing And Merchandising Research Forrester Digital / Social Media
9/2014 Building Buzz and Episodes with Bite-Sized Content: Portlandia's Formula for Turning a Video Project into a Television Series Research Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media Digital / Social Media
5/2017 How Push Notifications Impact Retail App Retention Rates Research Urban Airship Mobile
3/2014 Tips, Use Cases and Benefits of Employee Social Engagement, 2014 Research Gartner Digital / Social Media
6/2016 DIGITAL SHOPPER MARKETING TRENDS IN THE US Research eMarketer Digital / Social Media