Media channels are various media a marketer or a company uses to promote, sell and distribute its products or services. With so many choices available, deciding which channels to use and for what purposes can be challenging. This research and case study library contains key research that addresses the strengths of each media channel, how those channels can rise above the noise to provide a lift, the kinds of audiences each channel can research, as well as the value of using multiple media types in a marketing campaign.

Media Channels and Case Study Library

Date Title Document Sourcesort descending Publication Marketing Channel
6/2014 A framework for mobile SNS advertising effectiveness: user perceptions and behaviour perspective Research Behaviour & Information Technology Mobile
8/2014 Motivational effects and age differences of gamification in product advertising Research Journal of Consumer Marketing Any Marketing Channel
3/2016 Consumer adoption of No Junk Mail stickers: An extended planned behavior model assessing the respective role of store flyer attachment and perceived intrusiveness Research Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services Direct Mail
12/2011 Marketing Essentials: Optimize Your Campaign to Go Viral Research Gartner Digital / Social Media
4/2015 Social Network Ad Spending to Hit $23.68 Billion Worldwide in 2015 Research eMarketer Digital / Social Media
2/2016 Direct Mail Delivers: Strategies for Participating in the Value Chain Research Cannon Solutions America Direct Mail
6/2013 How Consumers Found Websites In 2012 Research Forrester Digital / Social Media
8/2016 The Future Of Email Hinges On Context Research Forrester Digital / Social Media
12/2013 Optimization of the annual planning of targeted offers in direct marketing Research The Journal of the Operational Research Society Any Marketing Channel
4/2016 Brief: Choose From Four Approaches To Build Your Community Research Forrester Any Marketing Channel
4/2017 Getting Direct With Direct Mail Research United States Postal Service Direct Mail
2/2015 What's the Future of Digital Radio Marketing? Research eMarketer TV / Radio
3/2017 Omni-channel Report Card Self Assessment Research IBM Any Marketing Channel
8/2013 Move Over Big Data, Here Comes Big Content Research Gartner Digital / Social Media
9/2016 Use A/B and Multivariate Testing to Improve Marketing Programs Research Gartner Digital / Social Media
4/2015 Tweets, hashtags and virality: Marketing the Affordable Care Act in social media Research Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice Digital / Social Media
4/2014 Participative marketing: extending social media marketing through the identification and interaction capabilities from the Internet of things Research Personal and Ubiquitous Computing Digital / Social Media
7/2014 Messaging Apps: Mobile Becomes The New Face Of Social Research Forrester Digital / Social Media, Mobile
11/2013 Social Media, Social Me: A Content Analysis of Beauty Companies' Use of Facebook in Marketing and Branding Research Journal of Promotion Management Digital / Social Media
10/2015 Make The Business Case For Programmatic Digital Media Buying Research Forrester Digital / Social Media
7/2011 Fans, Friends, and Followers: Social Media in the Retailers' Marketing Mix Research The Journal of Applied Business and Economics Digital / Social Media
4/2017 The Fundamentals of Social Media Analytics Research Crimson Hexagon Any Marketing Channel
6/2016 Develop a Strategic Plan to Integrate Your Customer Engagement Hub Research Gartner Digital / Social Media
7/2016 Q2 2016 Social Trend Report Research Kinetic Soical Digital / Social Media
2/2015 The Private Life of Mail: Mail in the Home, Heart and Head. Research Royal Mail Direct Mail