Media channels are various media a marketer or a company uses to promote, sell and distribute its products or services. With so many choices available, deciding which channels to use and for what purposes can be challenging. This research and case study library contains key research that addresses the strengths of each media channel, how those channels can rise above the noise to provide a lift, the kinds of audiences each channel can research, as well as the value of using multiple media types in a marketing campaign.

Media Channels and Case Study Library

Date Title Document Sourcesort descending Publication Marketing Channel
8/2015 Evaluate Your Social Marketing Capabilities Research Forrester Digital / Social Media
8/2015 Brief: How B2B Marketers Optimize LinkedIn Research Forrester Digital / Social Media
7/2017 Break Through the Hype: Uncover the Reality of AI Research Oracle Emerging Channels
1/2012 Analytics and Monetization Are the Current Hot Topics in Consumer Apps Research Gartner Mobile
7/2015 Marketing automation: Lessons learnt so far … Research Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice Any Marketing Channel
5/2015 The Marketing Effectiveness of Social Media in the Hotel Industry: A Comparison of Facebook and Twitter Research Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research Digital / Social Media
6/2013 The effects of mailing design characteristics on direct mail campaign performance Research International Journal of Research in Marketing Direct Mail
7/2011 How To Measure The Brand Impact Of Paid Search Research Forrester Digital / Social Media
5/2014 How To Create A Social Depth Strategy Research Forrester Digital / Social Media
1/2013 Mobile age provides marketing bonanza: But there are pitfalls as well as opportunities Research Strategic Direction Mobile
9/2011 Unveiling videos: Consumer-generated ads as qualitative inquiry Research Psychology & Marketing Digital / Social Media
11/2015 Are Sponsored Social Posts the Most Effective Marketing Channel? Research eMarketer Digital / Social Media
8/2016 ‘It’s an illusion, but it looks real!’ Consumer affective, cognitive and behavioural responses to augmented reality applications Research Journal of Marketing Management Any Marketing Channel
1/2016 Digital Pharmaceutical Marketing : A Review Research Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology Digital / Social Media
7/2011 Tourism TV Commercials: A Delicate Balance Between Aural and Visual Information Load Research Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing TV / Radio
4/2015 Programmatic Creative: Look to Existing Processes for Guidance, Creating Ads on the Fly: Fostering Creativity in the Programmatic Era Research eMarketer Digital / Social Media
11/2013 Twitter Marketers Are Still Looking For Answers Research Forrester Digital / Social Media
1/2015 Mobile Advertising Effectiveness on Gen Y's Attitude and Purchase Intentions Research International Journal of Marketing & Business Communication Mobile
6/2012 Print advertising: White space Research Journal of Business Research Print
2/2012 How Analytics Helps Consumer Goods Brand Managers With Marketing Mix Modeling Research Gartner Digital / Social Media
8/2012 The Role of Paid and Earned Media in Building Entertainment Brands: Reminding, Informing, and Enhancing Enjoyment Research Marketing Science Any Marketing Channel
5/2013 How to Choose the Social Commerce Storefront That's Right for You Research Gartner Digital / Social Media
12/2016 TOOLKIT 2017 ‘DARK SOCIAL’ AND CHAT APPS Research Warc Any Marketing Channel
4/2016 Embracing the Unique Viewer Research FreeWheel Any Marketing Channel
7/2012 Using Humor in Advertising: When Does it Work? Research Southern Business Review TV / Radio